QkwicPay Solves Customer Retention

No App Download Needed

Increase Your Sales Immediately

Customers Get Cash To Use Only In Your Store !

Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again

Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%. 

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Market to your Customers Like Never before

Who are those customers in that 20% that generate 80% of your sales? If you can identify the characteristics of your top 20% of customers, then you can find more customers like them and grow your total sales.

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Customers Register with a Scan and Get a Cash Balance

Simple On Boarding

Customers Don’t have to download another app Simply Scan

Your Customers Can Scan the Code at the Table or from an advertisement in the entrance of your location.

Fast And Easy

Customers pay for Items by Scan

and They can even used it for delivery

Chat with your Customers In Real Time

Get Customer feedback much faster than they would certainly via email or assistance tickets that can take hours and even days. Quick reaction and interactive nature of real-time chat make it an optimal network for consumers.

20% of Your Customers Produce 80% of Your Business

A 5% increase in Customer Retention will increase profitability by 75%

Concentrate on the 20% and Increase your Sales

Identify Your best Customers and Keep Them

Track Customer Spend and Frequency of Visits

Build loyalty

By letting Your Customer have a card builds  loyalty and Customer relationships  Automatically

Instant Cash InYour STORE

Offers a Unique Advantage

Unlike a Visa Card it cant be used in other Stores . Unlike a Gift Card the customer does not have to load it .

Market To Your Customers at The right Time

Market to you customers During Lunch or Slow Days get Feedback on New Items to offer

See All Account Balances

Know eactly How much each Customer has to Spend at any Time

We got such a big jump in sales , It just works ! This has literally saved my restaurant

Michael W. Kirwan
Restaurant Owner

I really Love this service keeps my regulars coming back and brings in new customers automatically with no extra fee's

Ricky L. Simpson
Coffe Shop Owner

It's a Revolving Balance

Your Customers Get a Revolving Balance this keeps them coming back !

New Customers


Returning Customers

Easy to Use POS

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